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J Pope and the HearNow // Songs in the Key of Free

J Pope and the HearNow // Songs in the Key of Free


December 7, 2018 | 7pm - 9pm

Join the Weathervane staff and community at Miner St. Recordings in Philadelphia for a night of great music and company. These shows are another opportunity for us to highlight artists we think have an important message to share through their music, and to get people together in the same room who think supporting, engaging with, and creating music is an invaluable part of our culture.

*This event is being held at Miner Street Recordings, which is accessible by stairs. Please contact us with any questions about accessibility.

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J Pope and the HearNow

The Baltimore-based HearNow’s sound is a musical exploration into the deepest pockets of soul and Hip Hop, lined with the dirty sonic lint of funk, as well as the sudden, sometimes unexpected twists of bebop and funk fusion. The music is topped with the lyrics of front woman J Pope, who zigs and zags between clever, lyrical melodies and rapid-fire rhymes with a free-feeling flow and a sophisticated swagger.

Songs in the Key of Free

Songs in the Key of Free is a nonprofit that challenges mass incarceration through collaborative arts practice. They hold workshops in musicianship and songwriting in prisons, and for the past two years they've been working with 25 men inside a maximum-security prison in Pennsylvania. They recorded an album inside the prison and are in the process of recording musicians on the outside as collaborators on the tracks that the incarcerated artists wrote and recorded.  

Songs performs multimedia concerts showcasing the songs written and performed by the men at the prison; our outside band, which you see perform at this concert, interprets those songs, which are accompanied by audio and video recorded inside the prison.